r0bert29 asked:

Steve died of blueballeritis, a very serious condition caused by lack of pixie. ;)

Pixies Back! Answer:

hahaha :P I was never that hard to find ya know. :P been lurking.

allixanne asked:

I miss you cutie, we need to catch up soon

Pixies Back! Answer:

Yes we do. Miss our sexy talks :) 

andy065 asked:

same old same old. Congrats on the house btw!

Pixies Back! Answer:

haha thank you! Its coming together beautifully! all I have left is finish up the studio room, living room and dinning room then I’m all settled!


Small clip ;)

Look what someone was nice enough to send me :) 

(via heavens-on-earth)

pixieraw pixie raw

andy065 asked:

PIXIE! Missed you, dear!

Pixies Back! Answer:

yayaya! I missed you too! How have you been?

Hey kids. I really need some tasteful dirty blogs to follow. Hook it up!